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Financial assistance in the area of the arts


NHU Community Friend:
What Financial Assistance for the arts is available for people with disabilities?

Do you know of a program that would assist people working in the arts? A grant program, an art competition?  Please share your ideas or experiences.

For more information visit our NHU Arts and Culture: FAQ page or our Arts and Culture:  Financial Assistance page

NHU Community Friend:

American Artists offers an Artist's Fellowship for professional artists who may find themselves disabled.  Grants range from $400 to $4000.  For more information on Artists’ Fellowship, including applying for aid or becoming a member, call (646) 230-9833, e-mail, or visit

NHU Community Friend:
Change, Inc.
Change Inc offers one-time grants of up to $1000 to artists of any discipline for financial emergencies including medical bill payment. For grant application guidelines, call the number above.


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