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"I believe in regular people and their ability to affect change on this planet."

Brad Meltzer, March / April 2015

Everyone has the ability to change someone and that person is themselves. Learn and make a statement by vowing to be a better you, and try not to get caught up in negative actions or talk, and we will make the world a better place one person at a time. One-by-one we will make a united front to enact positive change.

The united in United States of America should mean something, and it should be something positive. We are all doing our best during these times. There are still many problems to solve and working together with time, determination and wherewithal we can solve anything.

Our differences make us individuals, but it is when we join together to face adversity that is what makes us great. We all have forces working for us and against us, it is when we pick each other up after someone falls, or use our positive thinking and support to help those who are going through a rough stretch, that is what makes us all heroes making change for the greater good possible.
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