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Family Support Program - Wisconsin
« on: January 03, 2005, 01:47:39 PM »
The Wisconsin Family Support Program
provides individual services and supports to families that include a child with severe
disabilities. The program recognizes that meeting the needs of children who have
severe disabilities may place hardships on a family's emotional, physical and financial
resources. The program offers:

    information and help in finding services and maximizing community resources;
    limited funding to buy needed services and goods that can't be bought through other sources;
    help in linking families with other families to strengthen natural supports.

 Families are eligible for services if they have a child with a severe disability, under the
age of 21, and living at home. A severe disability is a physical, mental, or emotional
 limitation which seriously restricts the child's ability to carry out basic daily living activities
such as self-care, learning, communications, mobility and self-direction. Although family
 income is not a basis for eligibility, cost-sharing may be required on a sliding fee scale.

Family Support is a state-funded program. Because each county has limited funding
for this program, eligibility does not guarantee a family will receive services. Agencies
may have waiting lists for services and assessments. Families are served on a first-come,
first-served basis, although priority for services may be given to families in a crisis situation
 or families who are bringing a child home from an out-of-home placement. The website provides
a list of Family Support Coordinators by county and their contact information.

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