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Title: New Heights Wheelchair System
Post by: NHU Community Friend on September 26, 2012, 01:15:41 PM
Visit this website for a unique wheelchair that will allow you to elevate to a practical height.
 New Heights Wheelchair System (

"Available exclusively from Bromac Assistive Technology, the new heights wheelchair was developed to resolve the single greatest problem encountered by all wheelchair users, which is that of being stuck at one level, and not being able to access things in a world that was designed for people who could stand.

This wheelchair is designed as a general purpose utility wheelchair, to be used in, and for, your day to day living and transportation.  With it, you can go anyplace and do anything that you can with any standard conventional wheelchair, however, this wheelchair will also change your life.  This wheelchair is designed to easily, and temporarily elevate you, at the push of a button, from a standard seated height, to a height greater than that of a person standing, or any height in between.  It will do this safely and securely, while remaining within the same size and performance constraints as any standard conventional wheelchair. "

For more information on pricing, contact the company from their website.