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FAQ: Health and Care

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Consumer Advocacy and Consulting


Financial Assistance Paying Medical Bills

Home Care

Presciption Drug Assistance


Q: Are there any resources or organizations that can assist consumers make decisions regarding health care and insurance options?



Q: I am currently covered by Medicaid due to a disability. I would like to seek employment but fear private insurance will not sufficiently cover my medical needs. What other health care coverage options are available to working individuals with disabilities?

Q: I have not seen a dentist for several years because I cannot afford dental care. Is there any program that offers dental service for free?

Q: How do I as a person with a disability find government assistance in paying for doctor or medical bills?

Q: Our child with Cerebral Palsy requires an operation that insurance will not cover. How can we fund a needed operation?
Q: I do not have good health insurance! How do I find assistance in paying for mounting doctor or medical bills?

Q: I do not have insurance, are there any non-insurance programs that can offer assistance in paying for mounting medical bills?

Q: How can I locate a home health aide?

Q:  Are there special prescription drug benefits for Veterans?

Q: I am unable to pay for necessary prescription medication. Are there any financial assistance programs available?

Q: I am deaf and have had trouble communicating with nurses and doctors when I've been to the hospital. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, are they required to provide interpreters?

Q: I rely on electrically powered medical equipment in my home. What can I do if the power goes out?

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