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New sign Accredited Schools Online provides Higher Education for Students with Disabilities information on Rights, Choosing the Right School, Accredidation and Accredited School Online, Distance Learning, Financial Aid, and Helpful Resources for the student with disabilities.

New sign Affordable Colleges Online provides Colleges Resources for Students with Disabilities organizes information for college bound students by disability. With the advances of adaptive technologies and trend toward progressive legislation, prospective college students with disabilities now have countless resources available to make their transition to postsecondary education less stressful. Find specific information and resources on a variety of different disabilities, learn how to make the transition into the workforce easier, and find out what your legal rights on campus are.

Answers.com: Guide to Higher Education offers a one-stop shop, delivering comprehensive information on any of the questions you might have on attending college, college searches, scholarships, degree information, college rankings, deciding on a career, financial aid - and more. In particular, they have a helpful guide, Questions Student with Disabilities Should Ask When Visiting Colleges by Megan Dorsey. Here are the questions to ask to learn as much about each college and its support services when visiting. Evaluate your individual needs for support to attend and to be successful in college. Make an appointment with support staff and the head of your area of interest at the college to find out as much as you can on what accommodations are available, how to apply for accommodations and how helpful the support for students with disabilities is on campus. Additionally, be sure to ask existing students.

BestColleges.com recently created a guide that offers tips and insights for disabled college students, including legal rights, how to transition to campus life, and online resources and apps to help with specific disabilities. You can view this guide at College Resources for Students with Disabilities.

Choosing a College in 2017 from Learn How to Become. Prospective students can use this page as a research launch pad to discover and search top schools in each state, get expert financial aid advice, and much more. They can also learn step-by-step how to narrow their options and find colleges that best meet their goals.

College Living Experience is a post-secondary residential support service program for college students with disabilities. They assist students in completing college and transitioning to independent living. CLE students range from low average to gifted IQs with diagnoses such as ADD, LD, NLD and autistic spectrum disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome and high-functioning Autism. They offer intensive academic, independent living skills, and social skills support so that students can study and live in a normal college environment. Generally students will live in one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments adjacent to the colleges and CLE facility. Their are CLE facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas. To learn more, contact the National Admissions office at (800) 486-5058.

New sign College Start: College Guide and Resources for Students with Disabilities This is a very comprehensive guide for students with disabilities including rights, how to choose a college, important things to know to succeed, accommodations, online resources, job resources, internship resources, software, apps, books, and scholarships.

disAbility Information and Resources: University/Education Disability Resources offers a comprehensive list of education resources for individuals with disabilities. The website features links to resources regarding financial aid, general education resources, university resources, and a list of helpful books to buy. For more information, visit their website.

HEATH Resource Center is a "national clearinghouse on post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities." Their website offers a wealth of information on all aspects of higher education opportunities for individuals with disabilities, featuring very useful publications on such topics as financial aid available to students with disabilities and opportunities for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The site also features pertinent news items, frequently asked questions, many useful resource links and much more. This site is filled with information on higher education opportunities. For more information, visit their website, call (800) 544 -3284 or e-mail askheath@heath.gwu.edu.

LD Online has developed a webpage entitled College and College Prep for students with learning disabilities wishing to attend college. This page features links to more than 40 helpful articles and guides, recommended books and links, and questions and answers concerning college life for students with learning disabilities.

New sign Maryville University: College for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Students, Families and Educators offers information for students with disabilities and their families to find resources to help with their dream of a college education. There are many pathways to achieve independence through higher education, and Maryville University has created this helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) to give you an idea of what to expect as you research your options. This includes a checklist for college prep for high school students, transition programs, options for college, accessibility and accommodations and detailed suggestions for specific disabilities.

New sign Masters Degree.net: College and Graduate School Guide for Students with Disabilities This guide includes qualifications of disabilities, relevant laws and regulations, applications for grad school, and quite a few possible scholarships you could apply for categorized by disability.

Wrightslaw offers a great deal of information on education as it relates to individuals with disabilities. While this site's focus is on primary and secondary education, there is some good information for college students with disabilities as well. More specifically, they offer a web section entitled "Help for College Students with Disabilities." This web section offers information on Section 504 as it relates to post-secondary education, college planning and preparation tools, as well as keys to success in college. Visit this website to learn more.

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Educational Opportunity Centers for Massachusetts, known as EOC, this program provides education access services to low-income adults (age 19 and above) who are interested in returning to school. Each center offers career counseling, academic counseling, financial aid counseling and referrals to additional community resources. The EOC service centers are located in six cities across the state, including Boston, New Bedford, Lynn, Worcester, Springfield and Pittsfield. To learn more, visit the Consortium website or call them at (508) 754-6829.

TERI College Access is a division of The Education Resources Institute (TERI). They promote college access by providing information, counseling and advocacy. They also provide free educational planning information and counseling for people of all ages. Visitors can also search for scholarships and financial aid via an on-site search system. Their website offers an abundance of information for both those with and without disabilities. The site features information for individuals with disabilities on financial aid, vocational rehabilitation, and more. For more information, visit their website or call their hotline at (877) 332-4348.

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