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Education: Disability Specific: Education for Children with Hearing Impairment and Deafness

Includes Hearing Impairment, Deafness, Hard of Hearing, Hearing Loss.

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New Sign National Center on Deafness (NCOD) services for deaf and hard of hearing students at California State University-Northridge (Los Angeles, CA). Approximately 175 deaf and hard of hearing students attend CSUN each semester and register through the National Center on Deafness to receive services such as interpreting, realtime captioning, typewell, notetaking, tutoring and academic advisement. For more information, contact the director, Roz Rosen, by sending e-mail to: roz.rosen@csun.edu

Middle Atlantic States Region

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc., serving students in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, focuses on one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction for pre-K through college-age students and adults in over 50 subjects. Traditional subjects like English, reading, math and science are the fundamentals, but the company also offers instruction in areas such as computer science, piano, voice and art, college-level courses, and foreign languages. In addition, Back to Basics serves learning disabled, hearing and visually impaired, ADHD, homebound and home schooled students. For more information, call (302) 594-0754 or write to Back To Basics Learning Dynamics, Inc., 6 Stone Hill Road, Wilmington, DE 19803.

CODA International (CODA-Children of Deaf Adults) is an organization for the adult hearing children of deaf parents. The hearing children of deaf parents live in two worlds. They have to learn different ways to communicate with their parents and with the hearing world. CODA provides educational opportunities and advocacy, and is a resource for the adult children of deaf parents. Membership in CODA is primarily for, but not exclusively for, the children of one or two deaf parents. CODA is also a resource for professionals doing research on hearing children with deaf parents.

The CODA website has some interesting poems and essays under "Artistic Codas". "My CODA Story" provides insight into the CODA experience for those, both hearing and deaf, that have never experienced it. "Don't Forget the Children" reminds deaf parents that their children are always their children and not to cut them out of their activities when they aren't needed anymore. "What CODA Is and Is Not" explains the purposes of CODA. Besides these and other writings, this section lists two videos or movies and several books about the children of deaf parents.

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John Tracy Clinic offers programs emphasizing oral communication. The programs include educational and diagnostic services for pre-school aged children and parent education. The John Tracy Clinic was founded by Louise Tracy, the wife of Spencer Tracy, to help educate and offer support to the parents of young deaf children. When the Tracys discovered their son, John, was deaf, Mrs. Tracy devoted a great deal of time and effort to learn how to communicate with him and teach him how to understand language and speak. When she discovered that other mothers of deaf children were also looking for help, she founded the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles in 1942. The John Tracy Clinic offers "year-round, parent-centered education programs" for deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to age 5 and "audiological testing, counseling and evaluation emphasizing early diagnosis and treatment" in the Los Angeles area. Worldwide education programs include correspondence courses for parents and summer classes for pre-school children and their parents in Los Angeles. There is a special correspondence course offered for the parents of deaf-blind children. The Clinic also offers two programs for training teachers of the deaf. The information on this website is available in English and Spanish. A long list of resources will be found under several topics on Links page. Contact the John Tracy Clinic at 806 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007, Phone: 800-522-4582, 213-748-5481, Fax: 213-749-1651, 213-745-5074, or TTY: 213-747-2924. Direct Access numbers from around the world are listed on the "Telephone Numbers" page found under "Contact Us." Send e-mail to mabell@jtc.org


New Sign Central Institute for the Deaf is associated with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. CID is a school where children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to listen, talk and read without using sign language. They prepare children to participate and succeed in their neighborhood schools. Affordable for all. They serve children from birth to age 12. CID has 98 years experience helping deaf children learn to listen and talk and putting them on the path toward happy and productive lives. If you are a parent of a recently diagnosed baby, the Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center is the place for you and your family. Their teachers and counselors will help you begin to help your child develop listening, understanding, vocalizing and communication skills. CID also offers a nursery class for 2-year-olds, a language-rich pre-k emphasizing emerging literacy and social skills and a primary department for the auditory-oral education of children through the 6th grade. All CID programs are designed to prepare children for mainstream educational settings. In a highly individualized, assessment-based program with a 5-1 or better student-teacher ratio, they weave speech, language and auditory instruction throughout the academics and offer music, art, physical education and computer instruction. Please contact us using a GET STARTED link or call toll-free 888.444.4565 (ext. 135) to talk to CID about your child.

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United Kingdom

Westgate College for Deaf People is a specialized college for young, deaf people aged 16 to 25 years. They offer a number of courses with a focus on vocational development. Study programs include the Vocational Access Program, the Independent Living and Social Skill Program, Animal Care, Conservation, House Keeping and Catering. They also offer individualized study programs. For more information, call 01843 836300.

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