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American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) offers information for Health Professionals, Parents, and Patients. One can begin their online research by visiting the Library and Resources sections. For more information, contact the AACPDM, 555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI 53202 or call Phone: (414)918-3014, Fax: (414)276-2146 or send e-mail to info@AACPDM.org

Caring for Cerebral Palsy addresses the specifics of caring for a child with cerebral palsy: bathing, dental care, dressing, exercise, feeding, hearing, nutrition, play, seizures, sleep, suctioning techniques, suppositories and enemas, toilet training and bowel issues, and vision care. Information is provided in the form of excerpts from texts the group found useful, and links to sites that offer additional perspectives. Although clearly the site offers advice on delivery information and birth injury attorney access, the information is very comprehensive and useful.

New Sign Cerebral Palsy: Treatment and Care offers a comprehensive guide to Cerebral Palsy: Caring for an Infant, Caring for a Child, and Caring for an Adult, Nutrition Counseling, Sensory Integration Therapy, Treatment Approaches and Therapies, Behavioral Therapy, Massage Therapy and more. Select the Care tab on this page.

New Sign Treating Cerebral Palsy offers a vast array of therapies, aids, types of surgeries or specialists, and interventions that may be needed for a child or adult with CP, such as behavioral therapy, braces, mechanical aids, music, dance, physical, occupational, play, speech and language therapies, audiologists, pediatricians, neorologists, nutritionists and more. Each page outlines treatment possibilities for patients with cerebral palsy as well as containing links to more information.

New Sign Treating Spasticity - Oral Medications and Surgery is an artical in Serendip Studio by Andrea Byrd. The article explains spasticity and how it interrupts people's lives. The author recognizes that taking medications and surgery can add complications. The paper investigates a comparison of the oral medications being used by patients and the numerous surgical procedures available to treat spasticity. The challenge is to establish a treatment plan that will strike a vital balance between improved function, patient satisfaction, and possible side effects.

New Sign Cerebral Palsy and Yoga page explains the different forms of cerebral palsy and how Yoga can actually improve both high and low muscle tone problems in children with cerebral palsy or assist in developing a greater range of movement and coordination. For information on Licensed Practitioners throughout the United States visit Sonia Sumar Yoga Licensed Practitioners For more information visit this website or contact Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC, 4812 Benchmark CT, Sarasota, FL 34238, U.S.A., Phone: 941-925-9677 or Fax: 941-925-9433.

New Sign The Henry Spink Foundation discusses Dolphin Therapy in a matter of fact way. Although there are noticable results such as increase attention and motivation, research on Dolphin Therapy for Neurological conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, is still anecdotal. It is also very expensive. Although this therapy cannot cure a condition and should not be a substitute for conventional therapy, we include it here as this page discusses what has been noticed in good results for those that have tried this therapy and there is a list of places to seek out this therapy.

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Cerebral Palsy Home Page: The Alfred I. Dupont Institute of Wilmington, Delaware offers information on the Institute's Cerebral Palsy Program which provides comprehensive medical and support services for the child with cerebral palsy to age 18. A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and a developmental pediatrician direct the program. These physicians work with a wide array of medical specialists and health professionals to provide the child with cerebral palsy the most complete innovative care available. These include: Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, Dentistry, Developmental Medicine, Gait Analysis Laboratory, Gastroenterology, Medical Imaging, Neurology, Nutrition Therapy, Opthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry and Psychology, Pulmonology and Social Work. Further services and short descriptions are found on their site.


New Sign The Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity St. Louis Children's Hospital provides Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) a method for treatment of spastic cerebral palsy offered at the Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity at the St. Louis Children's Hospital. Parents/patients should call their insurance company to check benefits as the first step in the process of obtaining insurance authorization. If there is more than one insurance company, both primary and secondary should be investigated. For more information, visit this website or contact The Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity, St. Louis Children's Hospital, One Children's Place, Room 4S20, St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA, Phone --314.454.2813, or toll-free 800.416.9956 or Fax --314.454.2818.

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