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Vestibular Disorders

Includes Dizziness, Inner Ear Disorders and Meniere's Syndrome.
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BalanceandMobility.com is an informational website developed by NeuroCom International of Clackamas, Oregon, a company that develops and markets technology for diagnosing vestibular disorders. This website provides information about the balance system and how it works in our daily lives; about dizziness and vertigo, including a list of causes; about methods of testing for balance disorders; and about falls and how to avoid them. It also provides information about finding a specialist in diagnosing and treating balance disorders at “Getting Help”. Getting Help includes a map you can click on to find a list of specialists in your state. Information about NeuroCom International and the products they manufacture can be found by using links throughout the website. NeuroCom International, Inc. is located at 9570 SE Lawnfield Road, Clackamas, OR 97015, Phone: 800-767-6744 or Fax: 503-653-1991. To contact them by e-mail, send to marcia@onbalance.com This website includes a list of resources including VEDA and NIDCD and some websites about aging.

New Sign Meniett Device is also called the Meniett Low-Pressure Pulse Generator. Read the material on its website to see how this device is used to treat Meniere's Disease. Use the toolbar on this website to find information about Meniere's Disease and treatments for Meniere's Disease, more information about the Meniett Device and on how to get a Meniett Device (requires a doctor's prescription), and a collection of stories of patients that have used the Meniett Device. You can also click on "FAQ" to find answers to common questions about this device. Find a list of other resources about Meniere's Disease under "Meniere's Disease." Find an explanation of "Local Over-Pressure Treatment" with references under "Treatment Options." Also, find related information by clicking on "meniett.com". To learn more about the company that makes the Meniett Device, click on "Medtronic." Also, google Dr. George Gates to read another story about the use of the Meniett Device. Medtronic Xomed Surgical Products, Inc., 6743 Southpoint Drive North, Jacksonville, FL 32216-0980, Phone: 800-874-5797, 904-296-9600, Fax: 800-678-3995, 904-296-9666. There is a list of resources at Additional Resources under Meniere's Disease on the toolbar on this website, also, a Meniere's Disease Reference Materials List. Send e-mail to rsjaxwebmaster@medtronic.com

Vesticon Epley Omniax is a device that was developed by Dr. John Epley, MD at his Portland, Oregon clinic that makes it possible to move a patient "through 360 degrees in any plane" for the purpose of diagnosing and treating positional vestibular disorders. Vesticon is a company in Portland that will be manufacturing and marketing the Epley Omniax starting in late 2006. To learn more about the Epley Omniax, go to the Vesticon website. This websites will tell you about the Epley Omniax and show you pictures of it in use. Vesticon has a list of experts and patients they can recommend for interviews by the media. (See Media Inquiries on website.) Vesticon is located at 2203 NE Oregon St., Portland, OR 97232, Phone: 503-230-0539, ext 200 or 0 or go to their Contact Page

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