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Adaptive Technology/Products: Disability Specific: Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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New Sign Assistive ware offers several ideas for adaptive products for people with spinal Muscular Atrophy on this search page. AssistiveWare is a company that offers several assistive technology software products for Apple's Mac OS X and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. SMA is already plugged in and several stories have come up outlining what the software can offer.

Coglink is a personalized, simple-to-use, safe email program that comes with automated training and unlimited access to HelpDesk staff for questions and troubleshooting. This e-mail program is useful for a simple e-mail to stay in touch with friends and family, or if you find a computer too hard to set up or maintain, is simple to learn, very little to remember and will not allow email carrying computer viruses. You need to be able to see the computer monitor, read and type messages and be physically able to use the mouse and keyboard or other device that you currently use to move the cursor and enter text into the computer. The program has a monthly subscription fee of $10 that provides users with technical support that includes adding or subtracting people from their buddy lists. For more information, see their website or call their staff at (541) 346-0572 or (800) 716-9695, or write Computer and Information Sciences, 1202 University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403.

Even Par Enterprises, Inc is (a Veteran Owned Small Business) and have developed a patented product called Lend-A-Hand which allows the physically challenged and Able Bodied to see how much more productive their lives can be. It is the first universal assistive device that can be used on the arm or leg. Lend-A-Hand has been designed to improve independence and mobility in the patient population to assist Stroke, Arthritis, Amputation, Broken Bones, Carpal Tunnel, Cerebral Palsy, and Tourettes Syndrome. This unique product allows the individual to use their Legs, Arms and Hands in a Different Way. Plus, It assists individuals in regaining Arm Support, Leverage and Strength for day to day activities. such as to play golf, wash cars, paint, rake sweep and wash floors, go fishing and endless other activities and duties. This large universal sleeve can be used to hold fishing rods, pot scrubbers, spatulas, rakes, brooms, paint rollers, shovels – any tool with a handle. For more information, contact Even Par Enterprises, Inc., 127 Danforth Ave N. / Red Wing, MN / 55066 or Phone: 651-345-4653 / FAX: 651-388-7699 or send email to contact@evenparenterprises.com

Living with SMA: Equipment and Mobility is from Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

New Sign Questech: Assistive Technologies: What’s ready now and what’s in your future is an article by Steve Spohn an expert in gaming with disabilities and assistive technologies, who is a person with SMA and editor-in-chief of AbleGamers.com — highlights a few technologies that make life easier, safer and more efficient for people with progressive muscle weakness. Some technologies currently exist; others are coming in the near future. A resource list offers links to the technologies described in the article; links are provided to videos of some technologies in action.

Toys R Us offers a toy guide for differently-abled kids which includes a guide to their toys categorizing them by category of issues such as Auditory, Fine Motor, Visual, etc. and by age. This section also includes the Top Ten Tips for Buying Toys for children with disabilities prepared by the National Lekotek Center and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

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