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Adaptive Technology: For Caregivers

NHU is neither endorsing or guaranteeing the products or companies listed here. Please analyze your unique circumstance and use your best judgement in selecting companies and products for personal use.

Listed here you may find Medical, Health, Home and Personal Care Assistive Technology for caregivers of people with disabilities.


New Sign“Go Talk Pocket” is a device that may help bridge that gap of non-verbal communication. “Go Talk Pocket” is a small convenient hand held device that allows persons with speech impairments, the opportunity to vocalize their thoughts.

Communication can be a challenge for persons with disabilities. Bridging the gap of non-verbal communication can offer such a reward for individuals with speech impediments. “GO Talk Pocket” is great for persons with minimal speech impediment, to persons who are completely mute. The device allows more effective communication, and may help eliminate some undesirable behaviors.

What’s so great about “Go Talk Pocket” is it is easy to carry and very accessible. “Go Talk Pocket” works by easily inserting pictures that with little difficulty can be switched out for other pictures and the voice will say the word or phrase associated with the pictures. It is similar in size and shape to a PDA or cell phone making it sociably acceptable. The device may also inspire individuals to speak by associating the picture to the words.

Ordering “Go Talk Pocket” is simple. Follow one of the links and place your order for the device.

Ordering “Go Talk Pocket”

New SignCaregiver Technologies is an Internet-based caregiver support system that enables family and friends to provide informal care for their loved ones from anywhere in the world. The computer system, webcam and other hardware as well as the Internet connection for this system does cost the caregiver and the care recipient. For those who can afford this system, it offers through technology a way in which to contribute to caregiving from a distance.

New Sign Family Caregiver Alliance: Assistive Technology resources assists caregivers in finding assistive technology to make activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, grooming, eating and toileting, a little easier. This website describes different types of Assistive Technology that may be helpful to you and your loved one. In addition, it addresses how to find AT, how to pay for devices, and how to decide what devices or home modifications you might need.

Maddak Inc. Ableware designs and manufactures assistive devices for many home and personal care activities. Find products here for the bathroom, bedroom, dressing and grooming, personal hygiene, kitchen and household, food preparation, reaching aids and more.

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