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About One Hand Typing is a company that specializes in keyboards for one handed typing.

Active Amp is an on-line connection for amputees with an active lifestyle. Via their website they offer an amputee sports directory with many sports and activities including fishing, sled hockey, sailing, skateboarding and many more. The site also includes an entire guide on information on prosthetics and technology, geared toward allowing the amputee to understand the products that are available and to make informed decisions. Also included is a listing of toys and tools that aid in maintaining an active lifestlye, general resource listings and a special section for children amputees.

Alatheia is not only a provider and care-giver of prosthetics, but also a manufacturer. Alatheia creates several prosthetic technologies for amputees throughout the world, but among the most widely known is the highly functional Dermatos® prosthesis line. Dermatos® can be made to cover existing prosthetic devices or be created into hand prosthetics, foot prosthetics, arm prosthetics, and finger prosthetics. Alatheia Prosthetics are available internationally. For more information, call toll free: (877)ALATHEIA (that's 877 252 8434) or Outside the US call (601)919-2113 Toll Free Fax: (877)REHAB-YOU or (601)919- 2114 or e-mail at info@alatheia.com

Amputee Resource Team explains The Microprocessor Prosthetic knee which is designed to enhance an above knee amputee’s stability, security and functional capabilities to enjoy every day activities of daily living.

Amputee Treatment Center specializes in custom-made prosthetic and orthotic devices at their central location in Batavia, New York. One specialized product is The Pump It Up! socket design which involves a custom-made bladder sandwiched between an inner and outer socket avoiding the "one-size-fits-all" approach like other products currently on the market. Contact them at the Amputee Treatment Center, 8388 Lewiston Rd., Batavia, NY, 14020, Phone: (585) 343-4154. FAX: (585) 343-8101 or email at mlove001@rochester.rr.com

New Sign Bromac Assistive Technology Aurora Amputee Crutch Adapter is intended for use by single leg amputees, and has been designed to enhance the user's day to day living. It will provide a great many conveniences above and beyond what any other crutch systems are capable of, in many different applications by enabling the user to stand for long periods of time as well as enable them to walk and carry things at the same time, which is always difficult with other systems which tie up both of the users hands. The system can be adapted to anyone with a hip disarticulation or high to mid length above knee amputation, which are precisely the people for whom prosthetics present difficilties and it offers a compact, practical and very cost effective solution in freeing up the hands for both working and recreation. For those proficient in the use of standard forearm or underarm crutches, you will find that you have more speed with them than you have with this system, however they expect that this system is the one you will prefer to use for working and activities in general around the house or yard and this is its intended function as well. It has been manufactured to the most exacting standards of quality and performance, and with proper use, care, and maintenance, it can reasonably be expected to provide the user with a lifetime of reliable service.

College Park Industries is a company that "was incorporated in 1988 upon completion of the first TruStep Foot prototype, designed and built by David L. Robinson. More than 15 years later, College Park is still committed to the research and development of the finest prosthetic products in the world. College Park claims to have set the standard for prosthetic foot and ankle performance, providing the most anatomically correct prosthetic feet available today. College Park's customers include independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities worldwide. End-users of College Park products are lower limb amputees of all ages who maintain low to high activity levels." To contact College Park Industries, write to 17505 Helro Drive, Fraser, Michigan 48026, Ph: (586) 294-7950, Toll Free: (800) 728-7950, Fax: (586) 294-0067 or send e-mail to info@college-park.com

Easy Open Vials is a company that has a new product: easy open vial containers. The vials can be opened and closed with one hand. They are available in different sizes and colors and their claim is they will not leak. For more information, visit the website or write Easy Open Vials, 1538 S. 139th St., Omaha, NE 68144, Phone 402 991-0713 or send e-mail to info@easy-open-vials.com

Endolite North America is a company "committed to providing innovative prosthetic products and services of the highest quality to serve the needs of our customers and the amputee community." For more information contact Endolite North America, 105 Westpark Road, Centerville, Ohio 45459, Phone: 800.548.3534 or 937.291.3636, Fax: 800.929.3636 or 937-291-0789, or send e-mail to info@endolite.com.

Global Resource for Orthotics and Prosthetics offers product information, journals and other research articles, free online classifieds and other amputee resources.

Kingsleymfg.com is an online catalog and e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in Orthotics and Prosthetics.

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