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Life Planning: Transition to Adulthood Programs

Transition to Adulthood Programs focuses on organizations that offer transition programs for youth from school to community. For more information on transition programs from school to work, visit our page Transition: Employment: School to Work

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The Life Navigators of the United States has chapters throughout the United States, formerly the ARC Many of these chapters provide school to community transition programs for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism. To find out if your local chapter provides a transition program, contact your Local Life Navigator Chapter.

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California Includes aims to open the door to opportunities and raise awareness of resources that address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in order to enable them to live a fulfilling and purpose-filled life through inclusion in opportunities such as employment, education, independent living and financial empowerment.


Institute for Community Inclusion has worked to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunity to dream big, and make their dreams a fully included, integrated, and welcomed reality. As a leader not only in Massachusetts, but also nationally and internationally, ICI strives to create a world where all people with disabilities are welcome and fully included in valued roles wherever they go, whether a school, workplace, volunteer group, home, or any other part of the community. All of ICI's efforts stem from one core value: that people with disabilities are more of an expert than anyone else. Therefore, people with disabilities should have the same rights and controls and maintain lives based on their individual preferences, choices, and dreams.The Institute on Community Inclusion focuses on the inclusion of children, youth and adults with disabilities in "all aspects of the community." The site provides links to publications and resources regarding transition, post-secondary education, employment, person-centered planning and a host of other topics. For more information contact the

Institute for Community Inclusion/UCEDD,
UMass Boston,
100 Morrissey Blvd.,
Boston, Massachusetts 02125,
Voice:(617) 287-4300,
Fax: (617) 287-4352, and
TTY: (617) 287-4350, or send
Email: ici@umb.edu

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Sandy Beach Centre: Transition Gateway Program The objective of the Transition Gateway Program is to assist participants in their transition into education,training and employment;or community access and social inclusion. The Transition Gateway Program helps participants develop social,living,recreational and vocational skills. Examples of the programs we offer are on the following pages. The Gateway Program is fully funded for students who have been assessed by the Department of Human Services for support through the Futures for Young Adults Program,Transition to Employment or similar Individual Support Packages. Telephone:(03) 9598 2155 | FAX:(03) 9598 3917 | e-mail: admin@sandybeach.org.au | 2 Sims Street, Sandringham 3191, Australia.

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