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How to Donate or Provide Disaster Relief Assistance for People with Disabilities

November 30, 2012, Updated October 31, 2016

Are you prepared for an emergency or a disaster? Do you know what to include in an individual or family emergency survival kit or evacuation kit? Do you know how to contact those who may assist you in an emergency or disaster? Visit NHU's guide How to Prepare for an Emergency or Disaster for People with Disabilities and How to Get Help in the Aftermath

Have you considered trying to assist people with disabilities in communities in time of disaster, but do not know how to go about it? Consider the options provided in this guide and check back with us. As we learn more about organizations that are assisting in relief efforts, we will list the information on charitable organizations and tips on donating to disaster relief here on this guide. Bookmark our guide and remember to refresh the page on your browser each time you visit.

Select the Disaster Relief topic of your choice from the links below:

How to assist someone with a disability during an emergency or a disaster

From FEMA:

During a fire or other disaster evacuation of people with disabilities, even those who are self-sufficient under normal circumstances may have to rely on the help of others. Are you a caregiver of a person with a disability? Do you have a neighbor who has a disability? Has a neighbor or friend with a disability asked you to assist them in emergencies? Will you be able to provide assistance to an individual during an emergency?

Below are tips from FEMA on how to prepare to assist someone in an emergency: Be sure also that you are knowledgeable of what is being asked of you and that you are able to provide the assistance you wish to offer. Take a class in life safety to become more knowledgeable and aware of how to assist another person. (For instance: No one should try to swim to a person struggling in the water if they themselves cannot swim, as the victim will often panic and overwhelm their rescuer, but you can learn more about what can happen and what you can do to rescue, such as how to get a life preserver to them.)

How to donate or offer help for people with disabilities during disasters in the U.S.

Give Directly to Organizations for Persons with Disabilities

If you wish to give directly to organizations for People with Disabilities, you may be eligible get a tax exemption on your charitable giving, check out this article, now available in English, How You Can Help from the American Association of People with Disabilities.


Give to General Disaster Relief Organizations

What You Should Know Before You Give to National Disaster Relief

For information on safe giving, visit the Charitable Navigator to evaluate charities. Also visit Charity Navigator's "Tips For Giving In Times Of Crisis."

For more information on safe giving, providing assistance through charitable organizations, and tips on donating to disaster relief assistance, see the following resources:

How to donate or offer help for people with disabilities during International Disasters

Give to Internationl Disaster Relief Organizations for People with Disabilities

If you wish to give to general relief organizations, see this article: How To Donate to International Emergencies on The Balance.com.

If you wish to give to organizations in the U.S. specifically geared to help with international disaster relief for people with disabilities so that you may get a tax exemption for your gift, see the following organizations:

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