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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


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Finding Your Dream Job

Job Skills

Legislation And Rights

Reasonable Accommodations

Social Security

Therapy And Rehabilitation


Q: I am interested in starting a small business of my own, where may I go to obtain information on how to go about starting a small business?






Q: I would like to employ people with disabilities in my business, however, I am concerned about the expense of accommodations and what jobs they will be able to perform?

Finding Your Dream Job

Q: I am interested in finding a job that will allow me to do something with my interest in landscaping. How can I find a job that will be of interest to me?

Job Skills

Q: I need help in how to apply for a job, but I do not know where to begin?

Q: My disability has interfered with my ability to work, does this mean I will never work again? How can I obtain assistance in training for keeping or getting a job?

Legislation and Rights

Q: As a deaf person, interviewing is extremely difficult without the use of an interpreter. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), can I request for the potential employer to hire an interpreter for the interviewing process?

Q: Where can I file a complaint if I feel I have been discriminated against by my employer?

Q: I feel I may have been discriminated against because of my disability when I was looking for a job. What are my rights? Can I file a complaint?

Reasonable Accommodations

Q: What are Reasonable Accommodations?

Q: Is a request to work at home considered a Reasonable Accommodation for Employment?

Social Security

Q: How can I appeal to the Social Security Administration to review a claim?

Q: I would like to attempt to return to the workforce but fear I will lose Medicaid eligibility. Do I have any options?

Q: I would like to attempt to return to the workforce but I have been collecting Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. How will returning to work affect my collecting SSDI benefits?

Q:  How can I receive my Social Security benefits by direct deposit?

Q: When is it appropriate to tell an employer of a disability? How am I protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Q: I'm getting Social Security and I'm moving. How do I get Social Security to send my checks and other correspondence to my new home?

Q: How do I get a lost Social Security card replaced?

Q: Where is my local Social Security office?

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Q: What if I have questions about Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) policies and procedures or I have difficulty obtaining services?

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