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Hearing Impairment and Deafness

Includes Hearing Impairment, Deafness, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Loss.

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Community: Family Resources: Disability Specific: Hearing Impairment and Deafness offers family resources for children and adults with Hearing Impairment and Deafness disabilities, their families and caregivers. For Family Resources for general or all disabilities, visit Community: Family Resources .
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Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing helps families, health care providers and education professionals understand childhood hearing loss and the importance of early diagnosis and intervention. Through advocacy, education, research and financial aid, Alexander Graham Bell helps to ensure that every child and adult with hearing loss has the opportunity to listen, talk and thrive in mainstream society. With chapters located in the United States and a network of international affiliates, AG Bell supports its mission: Advocating Independence through Listening and Talking! For more information contact the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, 3417 Volta Place, NW Washington, DC 20007, Phone: 202/337-5220, TTY: 202/337-5221, Fax: 202/337-8314 or send e-mail to info@agbell.org

American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) is an organization that offers information and support for the parents/guardians of deaf children. Membership at several levels is open to individuals and families, parent groups, and organizations, libraries, and educational institutions. ASDC supports full communication access, language development, respect, and access to appropriate role models for deaf and hard of hearing children. Find out more about this group under "About Us." ASDC holds a biennial convention and a couple of fund raising events. For more information click on "Convention" on their website. There is also information on the Convention page about a group of Key Parents. Key Parents are part of a network of parents that want to learn more about raising a deaf or hard of hearing child and offer support and encouragement to other parents of this group of children. Click on "News" to access articles and meeting notices. Click on "Endeavor Magazine" to access a printable version of the ASDC newsletter. A number of additional sources of information will be found under "Resources" and "Links." Links has a long list of organizations that offer information and services for the deaf and hard of hearing. It also has a list of five sources of financial assistance or information about finding financial assistance for acquiring hearing aids for children. Many resources are listed under "Resources" and "Links." For more information contact the American Society for Deaf Children, 3820 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011, Phone: 866-895-4206 or 717-703-0073, Fax:717-909-5599, Hotline: 800-942-2732 (for referrals and parent information) or send e-mail to: asdc@deafchildren.org.

Hands & Voices National is an organization that promotes the acceptance of all forms of communication used by the deaf and hard of hearing. Hands & Voices offers support for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families and "the professionals who serve them" whether they communicate by oral methods, signing, cueing or a combination of these. Hands and Voices motto is to use the most appropriate communication methods possible to develop "well adjusted, successful kids." The Hands & Voices website contains a great deal of information about programs and services that serve the parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. One program is the Guide-By-Your-Side Program which uses parents trained to be mentors to help new parents who discover their baby is deaf or hard of hearing learn how to deal with the many problems this situation may pose for them. To learn about this and other programs and services, look at the drop down menu under "Services." Click on "Resources" to find a list of different kinds of resources that can be linked from this website. The kinds of resources include articles, a bulletin board, Colorado resource guide, Colorado Parent Funding Tool Kit, funding information, and links to other organizations' websites. The Hands & Voices Director can be contacted at PO Box 445, Carthage, IL 62321 or Phone: 217-357-3647. Contact the Business Office at PO Box 3093, Boulder, CO 80307, Phone: 303-492-6283, 866-422-0422 or 303-300-9763 or send e-mail to: parentadvocate@handsandvoices.org

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) "provides health information about human communication and disorders of hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, and language. They offer fact sheets, brochures, reports, directories, database searches, and other resources available for the public and health professionals." The website features a special section for parents of children with hearing or communication disorders, as well as a newsletter, a comprehensive listing of links to related organizations, and a frequently asked questions section. For more information, visit their website.

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State Listings


New Sign IMPACT is a California statewide all-volunteer, non-profit organization of parents, teachers and professionals serving deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Established in 1986 by 12 parents, IMPACT has a current membership of over 300 and is supported and encouraged by a host of organizations that serve the deaf community. IMPACT has a parent hotline serving the state at 1-877-322-7299, parent links and networking, a newsletter and workshops. Contact IMPACT at 34130 Gannon Terrace, Fremont, CA 94555, PHONE: 1-877-322-7299, or send E-mail to: info@impactfamilies.org

John Tracy Clinic offers programs emphasizing oral communication. The programs include educational and diagnostic services for pre-school aged children and parent education. The John Tracy Clinic was founded by Louise Tracy, the wife of Spencer Tracy, to help educate and offer support to the parents of young deaf children. When the Tracys discovered their son, John, was deaf, Mrs. Tracy devoted a great deal of time and effort to learn how to communicate with him and teach him how to understand language and speak. When she discovered that other mothers of deaf children were also looking for help, she founded the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles in 1942. The John Tracy Clinic offers "year-round, parent-centered education programs" for deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to age 5 and "audiological testing, counseling and evaluation emphasizing early diagnosis and treatment" in the Los Angeles area. Worldwide education programs include correspondence courses for parents and summer classes for pre-school children and their parents in Los Angeles. There is a special correspondence course offered for the parents of deaf-blind children. The Clinic also offers two programs for training teachers of the deaf. The information on this website is available in English and Spanish. A long list of resources will be found under several topics on Links page. Contact the John Tracy Clinic at 806 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007, Phone: 800-522-4582, 213-748-5481, Fax: 213-749-1651, 213-745-5074, or TTY: 213-747-2924. Direct Access numbers from around the world are listed on the "Telephone Numbers" page found under "Contact Us." Send e-mail to mabell@jtc.org


Ear Foundation offers a wide range of programs and services to deaf and hard of hearing Tennesseeans. Via their website they offer resource listings and on-line support groups. Programs include Young Ears, Senior Ears, and the Minnie Pearl Scholarship. For more information, call (800) 545-4327 or e-mail earfound@earfoundation.org.

Washington D.C.

Maryland Metro KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) (MMKODA) offers fun activities for the children of deaf parents and their families living in the Washington DC metro area (Maryland, Virginia, and DC). MMKODA also offers workshops for deaf parents to learn how to help their hearing children live in two worlds, the world of the hearing and the world of the deaf. The KODA activities give KODA children a chance to meet other KODA children. Activities include picnics, ice skating parties, and holiday parties. Click on "KODA Events" to see a list of current activities and a long list of activities held in the past. To contact KODA, send e-mail to KODApride@aol.com or contact Thomas Bull, CODA National Outreach Coordinator, 8112 Russell Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22309, or Phone: (703) 799-2239 (Voice & TTY)

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance has a mission to provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth within the Signing (Deaf) community. They offer a number of special events throughout the year including the deaf comedy club, their day camp for children and ASL classes for children and adults. For more information, call (414) 258-5640 (Voice) or (866) 889-8647 (TTY).

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