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Employment: Employment Services
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Disability Specific: Developmental/Intellectual Disability

If you are a Disabled Veteran, please also visit Disabled Veteran Support: Employment.

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Goodwill Industries International is a network of 207 community-based member organizations worldwide that serve people with workplace disadvantages and disabilities by providing job training and employment services. Local Goodwill agencies offer skill assessments, career and skills training, occupational skills training and work experience, job placement and support services. To locate an agency near you, call (800) 664-6577.

Your State Vocational Rehabilitation Office offers a wealth of resources related to employment options for people with disabilities. Vocational Rehabilitation assists individuals with disabilities secure gainful employment through local job searches and awareness of self-employment and telecommuting opportunities. To locate your state office, visit the Job Accommodation Network Directory of VR Agencies.

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State Listings


Hi Hope Service Center, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, offers people with developmental disabilities access to employment via their Community Employment program. Clients are prepared for employment and then placed in paid positions with various local corporations. For more information, call (770) 963-8694.

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Project Enable, a project of the Pilsen Workforce Center and the Mid-South Workforce Center in Chicago, Illinois, aims to improve the employability of people with developmental disabilities. Two rehabilitation specialists are on hand at each site to assist disabled Chicagoans improve their employment skills. For more information, call (312) 746-7777 (Voice), (312) 746-7769 (TTY) or visit either workforce center mentioned above.

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New Jersey

New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council Employment Services offers links to employment services in the State of New Jersey for people with developmental disabilities and employers and the Council report on "Moving People to Work."

New York

New Sign New Hope Community

It starts with advocacy. New Hope Supported Employment Service Coordination promotes exactly that: person centered planning, informed decision making and self-advocacy. Supported Employment Service consists of three different parts: Enclaves, Mobile Work Crews and Competitive Placement.


Enclaves consist of a small group of individuals (3-5) who work in a community based local industry with training, supervision, quality assurance and on-going supports provided by a job coach.

Mobile Work Crews

Consist of a small group of individuals (3-5) who work in community based local industries and move from contract to contract. Mobil work crewmembers are provided the same opportunities for integration within the community and general public.

Competitive Placement

Competitive Placement is employment performed in a full or part time basis in a most integrated setting in the community. These settings are based on an individual’s personal interests, skills and commitment to their career objectives and are employment that compensates at or above minimum wage.

For more information contact them at: 5 New Hope Community Drive P.O. Box 289, Route 52 Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759, or by Phone at: (845) 434-8300, or Email them at: info@newhopecommunity.org


Hodan Center, Inc. promotes opportunities for work and personal development so that persons with disabilities can achieve individual life goals. Employment Services are offered in Iowa, Grant, and Lafayette counties. They provide training and employment in food service, machine shop, and assembly and packaging work. For more information, call (608) 987-3336.

Kenosha Achievement Center is a non-profit organization offering Supported Employment options for adults with special needs residing in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Supported Employment team works with individuals to develop career goals and provide assistance in achieving those goals, eventually placing them in paid positions within the community. For more information, call (262) 658-9500.

Opportunity Development Centers Inc. (ODC) is a private not-for-profit rehabilitation agency serving the vocational needs of adults with disabilities primarily in Wood County, Wisconsin. The agency provides both center-based and community-based services. Center based programs include assessment, specialized training in data management and forklift operation, work adjustment training and long term employment. Community-based programs offer assessment, job placement and supported employment. For more information call the Wisconsin Rapids office at (715) 424-2712 (Voice) or (715) 424-5750 (TTY).

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Southeastern Wisconsin offers an Employment Services (ES) program that assists individuals with developmental disabilities in obtaining employment in order to achieve independent lives. The program provides job seeking skills, such as resume writing, interviewing, and application procedures. UCP works with businesses to match their needs with the needs, interests and skills of the employees. Employees are provided with on the job training and UCP works with businesses to guarantee mutual satisfaction and employee support. UCP's follow-along component provides long term support for employees that may encounter any changes or problems in employment. Also, UCP's Job Clubs offers monthly peer group meetings to develop and maintain social interaction skills and a chance for problem solving on issues. This program is funded by the Milwaukee County Combined Community Services Board and the State of Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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